The Simple solution
to Complex Therapies.

More than just a Pill-reminder.
Dr.Drin is a new way to communicate our needs to people who care for us: our doctor, our family and even the pharmacist who we trust.
Useful and user-friendly for everybody.
For people who take many drugs every day, for their caregivers, doctors and pharmacists.

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Many medicines and few helps to remember what, whan and sometimes even why to take them. When the list of drugs is not enough, it is better to find a smarter support. Dr.Drin can simplify your complex therapy, to avoid you wondering again “have I already taken this pill?” Missing a dose or take it twice may be risky for your health. Ask your doctor or your pharmacist for some advice and never forget your doses.


Dr.Drin opens a new communication channel, able to make even the most complex therapy easier and safer. Share your needs, your decisions and oucomes with people who care about your health. Choose your Tutor - someone belonging to your family, your caregiver, doctor or pharmacist - and share your experience.

take care.

Check up your health conditions in relationship to the therapy you are following. Be conscious about risks and benefits of drugs your doctor prescribed to you or that you take by your own. Let yourself or your family, doctor or pharmacist take care about your health. Health and good quality of life are within your rights: take care of them.